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Summertime & BBQ. This Classic Combination

is unbeatable.The Love Truck now delivers the complete Summer BBQ Party to your doorstep ! 

Are you looking for Summertime BBQ with all the trimmings for an attractive all inclusive price ? With our Love Truck BBQ PACKAGES you get great value for your Money. No hidden Costs no Extra Charge - just BBQ with us ! Pick your favorite and call your friends - we do the rest ! 



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Love Truck BBQ Party CLASSIC

With our CLASSIC Island BBQ Package you book a cost efficient Ibiza Fiesta and still have money left over for some cool Extras such as DJ professional Lighting or even better some great Cocktails . Check out the listing below. Our BBQ-live grilled-delicious & fesh. Always !

Here is your BBQ Package CLASSIC 


·         Butcher`s  Sausages

·         Butchers 100% beef burgers

·         Marinated BBQ chicken pieces

·         Freshly baked  rolls

·         Fried onions

·         Grill Sauces , Ketchup, Mayo

·         Creamy Potatoe salad

·         Tasty Homemade Coleslaw

·         Grill Chef & Professional Grill                            

plus :

Beverages :

Beer, Softs , Mineralwater ,Sangria ,Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Cava, All glasses , Ice Cubes

1 Chef  6 hours incl

1 Staff  6 hours incl.

plus :

Price incl. The IBIZA Party Truck , All Crockery & Cutlery Napkins,  2 Staff , onboard Background music all above listed food items & beverages ( open bar ) for 4 hrs in Total ,

cleaning ,Set Up / Brake down, Cleaning    

Minimum 25 guests                                       per Pers. 79,50€+tax


Transport Set up , connections water /electricity supply

LOVE FOOD Truck islandwide 249,00/tax € for 2 ways 

Need more Partytime ? No problem ! 

Any additional hour    per Pers.  16,50 ( minimum 25 Guest )                                      



Want more ? - Get more !



Grilled Beef Rib Eye with Horseradishcream             p Pers.  9,45 €

Grilled IBZ lamb chops with Rosmary &

Garlic Ratatouille                                                          p Pers   6,95 €

sweet Chorizo Piquante & Morcilla (black pudding) p Pers   4.95 €

Catch of the day!

Fish from the market & choice of salsa                      p Pers.  5.95 €

Fresh grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Lime & Chilli         p Pers.  8,85 €

Fresh grilled squid in Garlic Butter                             p Pers.  5,85 € 


Never ending Summer Salad Buffet 

 Fresh & Crisp Salad & Condiment  Buffet

- Classic Ceasars Salad with Parmesan & Croutons

- Fresh Tomato & Avocado  Salad with Coriander

- Salad Basket XL with fresh green Lettuce and 3 Dressings

- Green Aspargus Salad with IBZ Herbs and Iberico Ham 

- Big Bread basket with local bakery products such as

   pan payees ( country bread ) & Baguette,

   with aioli & olives   Minimum 25 guests                  p Pers. 9,95€

   All items minimum 10 guests all item excl tax 10%

Need Equipment ?

Great Boho Style Benches & Tables etc

White wooden Vintages Style

Benches & Tables   Seat                  per Pers.             6,85 €

plus transport islandwide 2 ways  295,00€

checkered red / white table cloth

incl Cleaning                                      per Pers              1,95 €

High Tables incl. long white Cover                                         

incl. Cleaning                                     per unit            19,95 €


Looking for a different style ? Our rental division will help you !

send us a email . We`d be happy to hear from you !


No Electricty on location ?  no problem !

Book our generator for only                         95,00 € per day


All prices exclusive IVA

Love Truck Open Cocktail Bar 

Great Cocktail Party &  Moonlight Dancing ?  Take your choice !


6 Summer Cocktails & 6 Longdrinks on your choice 

All you can drink !                 

4 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 39,50 €

5 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 49,50 €

6 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 56,00 €

Any additional hour full service / all drinks     per Pers    8,50 € 

LOVE TRUCK Open Bar :  Minimum 25 guests

Love the Summer BBQ Party ? Great ! send us a message click here 

Want to see more options or want to get back to the Love Truck ? click here 

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