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Unique Hippie festival wedding on Ibiza ? A great Summer BBQ Party in the middle of nowhere ? A Surprise Champagner Reception at the Church ? Flower Power Party on a remote place ?, Open air Cooking Class ? Cool Housewarming Event with Flair ? Surprise Party for your Parents , friends or Kid(s)?

Whatever you have in mind – with the Love Truck you will make people talk – create memorable moments – simply unforgettable ! 

The Total Package

Corporate Events 

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Flying Pig Ibiza Event Catering




No Time for planning ? If you are looking for a professional wedding planner and a Total Package concept please click the button below & your personal Assistant will contact you ! 

Outdoor Cooking Class

Ibiza Chef Safari will bring you the islands ultimate cooking experience. LOVE TRUCK -

learning to cook the ibizan way !

Our Ibiza Love Truck will trample your competition, ensuring you maximum exposure at any launch, exhibition or sampling promotion. She'll also create a real buzz and talking point around your company.  

IBIZA Love Boat 

A romantic day onboard of our new LOVE BOAT ? Explore Ibiza waters & remote beaches with our Original Ibiza Fishing Boats 100% Ibiza Feeling !

TV , Film & Media

Let our Ibiza Love Truck be the star of your show and hire her as a prop for a promotional shoot or any type of media based work. more infos ? just click below !

Open Air  Cinema

TV , Film & Media

Ibiza Love Truck now brings a whole Open Air Cinema to your place ! How about a Rocky Horror Party ? Or even the Woodstock Movie ? more infos ? just click below !

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