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Coming to Ibiza also means to taste and experience the culinary traditions of the island. There is nothing more authentic than a classic Paella Party with friends and family. Sharing great tasting food, singing, dancing and having a great time on the white island.

Then you can say : I`m on Ibiza ! 

The Love Truck now delivers the complete Paella Summer Party to your doorstep ! 

With our Love Truck PAELLA PACKAGES you get great value for your Money. No hidden Costs no Extra Charge - just party with us ! Pick your favorite and call your friends - we do the rest ! 


Pick your Paella - Olè !  

                                powered by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering


With our Paella Party Classico Package you book a cost efficient Ibiza Fiesta with many classics and still have money left over for some cool Extras such as DJ professional Lighting or even better some great Cocktails. Check the listing below. Our Paellas -live cooked-delicious & fresh. Always !

Here is your Paella Classico Package                                   Aperitivo

                                       Cava & Crostinis 

                               Pan payes Aioli, Olive Mix

                         6  spanish tapas mixed  per Pers

                   2 Ibiza Paellas live cooked on your choice

         Chicken / Chorizo, Chicken / Seafood, or vegetarian 


Unlimited Beverages , Wine ( red , white , rose) Sangria, Softs , mineral water and beer            

Love Truck , Staff , Transport , Set up / Brake down, cleaning


From 25 pers                                        4 hrs  per Pers. 69,95 € +tax


Transport Set up , connections water /electricity supply

LOVE FOOD Truck islandwide 289,00/tax € for 2 ways 

Need more Partytime ? No problem ! 

Any additional hour    per Pers.  19,50 ( minimum 25 Guest )                                      



Need Equipment ?

Great Boho Style Benches & Tables etc

White wooden Vintages Style

Benches & Tables   Seat                  per Pers.             6,85 €

plus transport islandwide 2 ways  295,00€

checkered red / white table cloth

incl Cleaning                                      per Pers              1,95 €

High Tables incl. long white Cover                                         

incl. Cleaning                                     per unit            19,95 €


Looking for a different style ? Our rental division will help you !

send us a email . We`d be happy to hear from you !

No Electricty on location ?  no problem !

Book our generator for only                         95,00 € per day

All prices exclusive IVA  



Never ending Summer Salad Buffet 

 Fresh & Crisp Salad & Condiment  Buffet

- Classic Ceasars Salad with Parmesan & Croutons

- Fresh Tomato & Avocado  Salad with Coriander

- Salad Basket XL with fresh green Lettuce and 3 Dressings

- Green Aspargus Salad with IBZ Herbs and Iberico Ham 

- Big Bread basket with local bakery products such as

   pan payees ( country bread ) & Baguette,

   with aioli & olives   Minimum 25 guests             per Pers. 9,95€

   All items minimum 10 guests all item excl tax 10%

       Want more ? - Get more !


Love Truck Open Cocktail Bar 

Great Cocktail Party &  Moonlight Dancing ?  Take your choice !


6 Summer Cocktails & 6 Longdrinks on your choice 

All you can drink !                 

4 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 39,50 €

5 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 49,50 €

6 hrs      open Bar                                               per Pers 56,00 €

Any additional hour full service / all drinks     per Pers    8,50 € 

LOVE TRUCK Open Bar :  Minimum 25 guests

Love the Paella Party Package ? Great ! send us a message click here 

Want to see more options or want to get back to the Love Truck ? click here 

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